PostgreSQL Backup makes PostgreSQL database backups and uploads them to FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive. Available in Free and Paid editions.

Buy a new PostgreSQL Backup License

Please make sure the free version of PostgreSQL Backup works for you before buying a license key. Some unique FTP or SMTP configuration may prevent application from running - we encourage you to spend a couple of minutes testing the application before paying.

To install a License key: Install the  free version first. Buy a license key on this page and we will immediately send you an email with your key. In PostgreSQL Backup menu go to "Help > License Key" and copy/paste your new license key.

Most popular! Same as Prof + free lifetime updates. Includes basic support. Compare
$399 $ 
Full-featured version with 1 month free updates. Includes basic support. Compare
$159 $ 
Same as Prof without AES Encryption, FTPS & SFTP. Includes basic support. Compare
$99 $ 
Limited to 5 dbs and wo Amazon S3, AES, FTPS & SFTP. Includes basic support. Compare
$49 $ 
Entitles you to high-priority email support and extended trouble-shooting assistance for 1 year. Available only at the time of purchase, can not be added later.
Entitles you to free updates to new versions for 1 year (See upcoming changes). New features are added regularly (Without this option only 30 days included). Available only at the time of purchase, can not be added later.
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Upgrade/Update PostgreSQL Backup License

A license key will work with only a particular version of the program (like v.7).  If a newer version (like v.8) is released - you need to get a new key. The upgrade is free for 30 days after any purchase, 1 year if you added "Free 1 year updates" option and always free for Lifetime customers. Remember that you may install a license on a single computer only. Read more about licensing.

To Lite To Standard To Professional To Professional (Lifetime)
From PostgreSQL Backup Lite $ $ $ $
From PostgreSQL Backup Standard $ $ $
From PostgreSQL Backup Professional $ $
From PostgreSQL Backup Prof (Lifetime) $
You will select what to upgrade to on the next step.
Where I can find my license key? In program's menu go to Help> License Key and copy your current License Key

Important! Once you have purchased a new key, your old key becomes invalid. Download the latest version and enter your new license key in [Help > License Key] menu item.


Volume Discounts

5–9 licenses = 10% off
10–19 licenses = 20% off
20+ licenses = 30% off

Buy multiple copies and save. Just enter the number of licenses and you will see the discount applied.
The discount is for a limited time only and can be suspended any time!

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Paid customers support

Use our contact form. If you've purchased a paid version, please use the same e-mail so we could identify you as a paid customer.

How to install a License key?

  1. Download Download version for .NET 3.5 (no Azure support) the latest version of PostgreSQL Backup Free.
  2. Buy a license key (above).
  3. Once you received a license key, in program's menu go to Help > License Key and enter your new License Key.