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SQL to Excel

This simple free tool allows you to convert SQL Server tables to CSV format


Version: 1.0.0
Download size: 284 KB


Q: What can you do with SQL to Excel?

A: You can export tables of MS SQL server database into CSV files and open these files with Excel application.

Q: What license is it under?

A: It is a freeware - free of charge even for commercial use, you can install it on any number of systems, you will not have any proprietary rights, you can distribute it as long as you don't make money, you can not make it part of your program. See full freeware license

Q: Where can I get support?

A: Only through the forum . Please DO NOT email us for SQL to Excel support - emails will be unanswered. It is a free product.

Q: Does it have Command Line Interface?

A: No, it doesn't.


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