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Backup ToolThe best way to create a PostgreSQL database backups is to use the backup tool like PostgreSQL-Backup. All  PostgreSQL users knew that to protect your databases from the disaster you need to make regular PostgreSQL backups. With the help of PostgreSQL – Backup you can create a backup schedule according to which the backups will be performed and select a place where to store your backups.

PostgreSQL- Backup Backup Tool

Follow this simple steps and create a backup job with the help of PostgreSQL – Backup  backup tool.

  1. After you have downloaded and installed the backup tool, connect to your PostgreSQL and choose all database which you are going to backup from the list on the left side.Backup Tool (databases)
  2. Now add a backup destination. To do it press “Add backup destination” and select a destination place from the list. You can store your PostgreSQL database backups which you have made with the help of backup tool at the following destinations: Local or Network folder, FTP, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, Amazon S3 or Windows Azure Storage.Backup Tool (destination)
  3. After you have selected a backup destination place it’s time to create a backup schedule. To do it check off “Schedule this job” and then press “Advanced backup schedule”.Backup Tool (Schedule)In the “Advanced Backup Schedule” window make  all necessary PostgreSQL backup settings and click “Save”.Backup Tool (backup settings)
  4. That is all. The backup job which will make PostgreSQL database backups with the help of backup tool is ready. You can start to create the backups according to the schedule by clicking “Save”. If you need to perform a PostgreSQL backup immediately – press “Run Now”.Backup Tool

That is all, your first PostgreSQL-Backup backup job is ready. Now all backups will be made according to the schedule and then the backup tool will send them to specified destination place. As you can see all backup job settings takes about two minutes.

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